Rage Club is a space for you to begin or continue the process of becoming initiated to conscious Rage.


    In modern culture we are deeply conditioned that it is not OK to be angry because “Anger is one of the negative feelings,” and “anger is dangerous, loud, embarrassing, uncivilized”. 

    People learn to suppress their anger, leading to exactly the unconscious manifestations of anger that we are trying to avoid; reactivity, resentment, explosiveness, or the flip side of the coin; passivity, adaptivity and 'implosion'.


    But believe it or not, it is actually not a mistake that you can feel angry.


    Would nature mess up that badly?


    Conscious rage is a resource and an archetypal force that you can jack into in service to your life, empowering your capacity to relate and to create.

    "As a woman breaking out of the prison that is "the good girl",

    I find the information and energy that comes with anger

    hugely empowering and transformative.

    How amazing to discover that the very thing I was most afraid of

    was the very key to my personal sovereignty and effectiveness

    in creating responsible and conscious change for myself and the planet."  

    -Aralyn Doiron

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    The initiatory journey of Rage Club opens the door for you to 'stellate'. Stellating is the process of a planet (which consumes energy) turning into a star (that radiates energy for eons!).


    Earth needs initiated adults, to change our culture from a consumer culture to a creator culture!


    Are you ready for initiation?

    We hope so!

    It is an amazing, enlivening, surprising experience - life is different on the other side!

    How bright will you let yourself shine?

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    If it is not a mistake of nature that we all have access to the energy of anger, then what is it for?


    Conscious anger can be used to:

    • Say "No!" or "Stop!"
    • Say “Yes!” (by the way, you can only say yes, if you can say an authentic no, otherwise your yes is a lie)
    • Change things, move things, stop things, start things, invent things
    • Make distinctions (just wait until you discover that distinctions are more powerful than boundaries!)
    • Say what you want, or say what you don’t want
    • Commit, keep promises
    • Get rid of things
    • Stay centered
    • Communicate clearly and concisely
    • Build the 'gameworld' / culture that you want to live in
    • Distinguish between your feelings and other people's feelings
    • Distinguish between your feelings and your emotions
    • Take a stand for something or for someone
    • Take action
    • Hold space
    • Maintain integrity
    • Make clear boundaries
    • Take decisions
    • An inexhaustible source of energy for being your destiny in action.
    • Be present! If you are not present, who is running your life? Possible answers: Your mother, your partner, your kids, your job, your dog, your television, your addictions, Friday evenings, your circumstances, the government, your beauty standards, your opinions and beliefs


    How can you use anger for all this you ask?

    First you would have to own it, instead of it owning you.

    Welcome to Rage Club

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    "Rage club brought me on a journey where my relationship with anger changed significantly. Jacopo along with Elliot and Wojciech, guided me step by step in experiments where I discovered how anger is a neutral energy and super versatile. It can be used consciously to create grounding, presence, clarity, intimacy, boundaries, to name a few.

    The space inspired me to be vulnerable, to go deeper in my experiences and to bring me to some of my edges. One of the layers it exposed is how I used to avoid anger. For instance out of fear for loud angry voices, for other men or how I had learned that anger is bad.

    Jacopo held the space in a grounded, focussed and calm way which made it safe and inviting to be open hearted and gradually built the connection and intimacy with the other men over the four weeks. It was serious, fun and playful, all of that!
    Very inspiring and such a necessity in the culture I live in."


    Mikis Van Geffen

    Conscious Anger is:





    Setting boundaries





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    Saturdays 5.30pm-8pm

    20th July - 10th August


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